Lenovo expanding

Chinese Lenovo price-push hard and is taking customers from both HP and Dell in the second quarter. HP, which is also the market leader, selling over 13 million units during the period – 12.1 percent less than last year. At the end of the quarter HP had 14.9 percent of the market and thus slopes of 2 percent.

According to Gartner the drop in sales can be attributed to some extent on the company’s reorganization. In addition, Lenovo price pushed hard on the business side, while companies like Asus and Samsung are competing hard for consumers.

Lenovo is competing hard for customers against HP on the market. The company is strengthening its position against HP and at the end of the quarter Lenovo had managed to push up its market share to 14.7 percent – only 0.2 percent from HP. But according to Gartner, it is not just HP that feel the Lenovo growth , the company has also gained market share from Dell.

While Acer strengthened its position and now has 11 percent market share compared with 10.6 last year and had total sales of 9.6 million units. The company has also been one of the first to introduce ultra-portable computers and has been actively marketing tablets.

“Uncertainty in the economy in several regions, as well as low consumer interest in buying PC’s, were among the main causes of low growth. Despite high expectations for thin and light notebooks, sales had little impact on the whole, “says Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa on second quarter figures showing a largely stagnant sales of 87.5 million units.

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